Saturday, October 9, 2010

When it Reigned in Seattle

I was checking in online last night when I came across a Tweet by Men's Health magazine.  It was a link to an article they posted in their series The Best List.  This particular list was The Top 10 Dunks of All Time.

To be honest, I had actually clicked on the link thinking it referenced the top 10 drunks of all time.  Judge me but hey, I was curious.

Anyway, I was even more pleasantly surprised when presented with the video feeds for the Dunks in question, many of which I remember watching on television, as they took place.  They certainly brought back some great memories.

However, as I watched one acrobatic dunk after another I was found myself getting more and more disappointed in the list.  How could the guys at Men's Health create a list of best ever dunks and not include one from arguably the best ever at the art.  I am referring to Shawn Kemp.

The Reign Man.

Kemp was a member of my now defunct hometown Sonics from 1989-1997 before being dealt to the Cleavland Cavaliers.  During his run with the Sonics, he was a one man highlight reel.  In fact he was known for his athleticism and acrobatic dunks, many of which could easily have been included on the Men's Health list.

But don't just take my word for it.  Take a look at this dunk he does over the Warriors Alton Listor and then tell me it shouldn't at least knock off #7 on the Men's Health list.

Or if that one doesn't fancy you, go ahead pick one of the others showcased in this clip:

Great stuff, isn't it?  Watching these old clips I find myself feeling a bit sad all over again about the fate of my hometown NBA franchise, and how I won't ever be able to take Lukas across town to see a game.

Granted, we do have a championship basketball team in town, and some pretty decent college teams too.  But for me, there was a time when the Sonics were the best show in town.

And Shawn Kemp was The Reign Man.


Whit said...

Kemp wasn't on there at all? That's lame.

I assume you aren't talking about UW.

Anonymous said...

I just think it's funny you clicked thinking the link said "top drunks"!

Anonymous said...

Living near and going to school on Tobacco road I just can't get into pro-basketball.

Didactic Pirate said...

Great stuff.
Although now I'm curious about who the Top 10 Drunks are.
I think you should make that your next research project.

Keith Wilcox said...

I have absolutely no interest in basketball. Now, having said that, I do enjoy a good dunk now and then. The final score? meh. but a good dunk is entertaining as hell :-)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Whit - Yeah, lame. And UW basketball should be decent. At least entertaining.

@Lady Mama - Now I want to google top drunks and see what comes up.

@DC - I am long over it too. But watching those highlights makes me nostalgic for the days when it was fun to watch here.

@Didactic - There is a link to the Men's Health list at the beginning of the post.

@Keith - Yes, I am no longer interested in the product that is put out either, but the spectacular dunks are still fun to watch.

Steve said...

I know very little of basketball, but the one ranked #3 on Kemp's list was breathtaking.

Slamdunk said...

That would be a tough list to compile. Shawn Kemp was fantastic, and I was surprised to see a Tom Chambers video in the top 10.

Anonymous said...

Hey anyone who was once a Cleveland Cavalier has my vote...except LBJ

Kippz said...

Old school is the best school!

Love it when he hangs on to the hoop and swings his legs around.

Keep it up!

Jack Steiner said...

Kemp was great until he put on 250 pounds. The man could move.

Portland Dad said...

real bummer too that the Zombie Sonics ( Oklahoma City Thunder) are really good now and fun to watch. Not that I would watch them after what they did to seatlle

Otter Thomas said...

I was a huge hoops junkie back then and the Reign Man was one of the best in game dunkers ever. I had a Sean Kemp poster in my room. I remember the "Lister Blister" and the "Ratlin Gatling". Good stuff.

I can't believe you referenced a WNBA team though. I had to click the link to figure out what team you were talking about. I forgot they still had a league.

DGB said...

I swear that before I got to the You Tube clips I read this as "drunks".

I am:

1) Not a sports guy.
2) Very tired.

john cave osborne said...

okay -- this was HUGE. i know i wear you out w/ this, but i was in seattle from early 93 to late 98, and i was a HUGE sonics fan. two things:

#1 -- while i loved kemp, my guy was G. and the way i always described it was like this: Shawn is a good player who does astonishingly great things a few times each game. G is a great player who consistently does good things.

#2 -- LOVED hearing collabro. it broke my heart when they moved.

i was in the house for every playoff game the year they made their run and took the bulls to six. remember big smooth? big paper daddy?

those clips really took me back, james.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Steve - Yeah, he was all about the spectacular when he played.

@Slamdunk - Yeah that Chambers one was good, but...

@Lee - Yes, and LBJ is your A-Rod.

@Kippz - I love that too. Old School! Thanks for stopping by.

@Portlanddad - Loved the Seattle Portland rivalry. Too bad it's gone for good.

@Jack - Yeah, that happened pretty fast after he left the Sonics

@Otter - Yes! It was so much fun to watch. Now, sadly only youtube clips.

@Daddy Geek Boy - Same reason I clicked over.

@JCO - I was hoping you'd comment, knowing that you were here then. Collabro was the BEST too. Those names were classics.