Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warning: Object on Your Arms May be Heavier than it Appears

Dads, If you have been looking for an upper body workout that incorporates in some aerobic exercise as well, I have the perfect routine for you.

To start out with, you will need an approximately 35lb weight, and it has to be at least 3ft long.  Got it? Good.  Now, what you will need to do is to stretch out your arms directly in front of you and lay that weight directly perpendicular across the top of both arms.  Easy enough, right?

Now, keeping your arms stretched straight out as long as you can with the weight still laying over them I want you to start running around in circles.  These don't have to be perfect circles, mind you.  In fact it would be better if they were fairly random, but be sure to lean heavily into each turn.

Next, once you have done a couple of these circles, I want you to begin to lift your arms up and down while running around.  Depending on your level of fitness, by this time you may begin to feel a bit of a burn.  Nevertheless, you must keep running around in random circles while lifting your arms up and down, varying your speed.

Do this exercise for as long as you can.  Once completed, that is considered one set.  On the second set you may want to incorporate an additional level of difficulty into this exercise.  I suggest finding a fairly open area, say a pre-school playground, and preforming the exercises there. 

By choosing such a location, you may be able to incorporate any kids who may be playing there into your routine.  As you are lifting your weighted arms up and down, simply swoop them at the surrounding youngsters, being careful to come close but being sure to avoid direct contact.

You may find, as I did, that these children will consider it a game to try to catch the weight that is on your arms thus giving you added incentive to be fairly elusive.  If this happens you must be careful however, as more and more children may decide to participate eventually leading to a diminished area to preform your circles.

Just see how long you can keep this up for maximum effectiveness.

So, there you have it.  A fun new aerobic, upper body workout for dads.  Just be careful not to overdo it.  Not unlike Gulliver, you may end up out of breath, surrounded by a slightly crazed crowd of little people.


Slamdunk said...

I think you are on to something James. I admit that I now use my shoulders more since the youngest is about 50 lbs.

Maybe I should squat and call it a leg workout too?

Jack said...

The 10.5 year old just hit 80 pounds but fortunately he doesn't ask to be carried...often.

Every once in a while he feels the need and I am just dumb enough to do it.

But I am not totally ready to give that up either. It is too much fun.

Steve said...

Yup, great game.

Another good exercise is to start carrying your new baby in one arm and repeat daily until they are nearly 4 years old... and probably beyond. (OK, OK, I'm a big softy, what I can I tell ya.)

My right arm is now so strong it's a wonder I don't topple over.

SFD said...

I'm not allowed to play that one ever since the unfortunate tree incident of '08.

Healthy Mom Project said...

I think you just invented a new sport. Dadercise?

Papa K said...

You know another great excercise? Strapping that weight to your back and running as fast as you can in short bursts. You'll feel the burning in your legs in no time.

Portland Dad said...

wait until you get another weight and that one wants to ride on your back while you are doing the above exercises, adds another fun layer

Diplo_Daddy said...

Will this excerise work with a 45lb weight? I don't have anything lighter at the moment.