Friday, September 30, 2011

Linkin Blogs

Tim, over at Life of Riles recently gave me cool Meme/Award.  The 7 x 7 link award tasks you with looking back at your archeived posts for ones that had an impact in certain ways.

It's been a while since I have participted in a meme, but I really like Tim's blog so I decided to oblige. 

So, without too much forethought, here they are.

Most Beautiful: Sure, it was the product of yet another meme, but this post about Where I am From is perhaps my most poetic piece.

Most Helpful: Hmmmmm.....helpful? That's not really what my posts here at LIAYF are about.  Probably as close as I've come is this post about My Top Ten Father Son Movie Moments.  Don't give me that look.  I'm sure it was helpful to somebody.  Somewhere.  Maybe. 

Most Popular: Without question it was my post from earlier this month, about our plans to adopt our 2nd child.  I had my highest number of pageviews in 4 years on that post.  Very encouraging.

Most Controversial: Let's face it, I'm not a controversial writer.  That is, unless you consider self deprecating humor as 'controversial'.  Maybe the closest I came was just recently when I posted about not having taken Lukas to McDonald's. Ever!

Most Surprisingly Successful:  The popularity of this post, about others realizing what you have as a parent, was very popular.  Probably more so than I expected.

Most Underrated: Personally, I liked this post about a thrilling game of Preschool Hot Potato quite a bit.  And although it did get some comments, I wish more people would have read it.

Most Prideworthy: This post about reaching a noteworthy milestone as a parent ranks up there with any I've written in terms of ones I'm proud of.

Now I guess the rules are to pass the award on to 7 more outstanding bloggers. They are listed below. 

If you haven't heard of some of them, click through and give them a read.  You'll be glad you did.  Heck, maybe even one or two of them will play along with thier own post.

Fillets to Fishsticks

DC Urban Dad

Mom Next Door

Eduacated Abroad

Super Daddy

Portland Dad

Zen Mom


Diplo_Daddy said...

I’m very humbled that you mentioned little old me. A big thank you! And good luck with the adopting.....keep us posted.

Kevin said...

It's always nice to be recognized. It means a lot coming from you. Thanks!

Bruce Sallan (@BruceSallan) said...

Keep it up, James!

momnextdoor said...

Thanks James! I'm honored that you listed me! I might even play along! :-)

P.S. Grabbing your badge is the least I can do for such a wonderful family like yours! I know the little baby you bring into your home will be the luckiest baby ever! I hope the process is quick and trouble free!

Mrs. M said...

It is fun to look back - I really enjoyed your "where I'm from" post too.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Diplo_Daddy - I enjoy your blog, so would love to see what you come up with.

@Kevin - It means a lot that you said that too.

@Bruce - Thanks Bruce.

@Momnextdoor - Looking forward to seeing your version. I think there is probably a lot there I have missed.

@Teri - You should totally do that meme. I would love to read your version.

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