Friday, August 24, 2012

The Word You're Searching for is Space 'Commander'

Imagine for a moment if you could meet one of your idols. Someone who currently holds a position and the prestige that you yourself someday aspire to.  Someone that millions of people around the world look to as a symbol of the very best in their craft.  How cool would that be?

Very cool right?

Perhaps it would be like me meeting the most efficient middle manager in the all the world.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure he (or she) would be the most interesting person on the planet.  Oh, the stories I'm sure he could tell.  Wow.

Alright, alright.  Maybe using me as an example in this story is not such a good idea. about you imagine instead that you just turned 5 years old and you have been into everything rockets and space since the tender age of 2.  And, also imagine that also since that time you have only wanted to be one thing when you grow up.  An Astronaut.

The Shuttle Atlantis

Then, imagine your parents tell you that the module used to train all the Space Shuttle astronauts is coming to your local Museum of Flight, and will be a  permanent exhibit.  Permanent.  Do you think you would be excited then?  Darn right you would be excited!  You'd be thrilled.

But do you know what would thrill you even more?  No?  Well, I'll tell you what would thrill you more. That would be if you were told that you would be able to meet a real live Space Shuttle astronaut - more than one actually.  But, specifically, the one who grew up in your neighborhood AND who piloted the Shuttle Trainer to the museum landing sight that very same day inside the NASA Super Guppy.

NASA Super Guppy

Do you think you would be even more excited?  SURE YOU WOULD!  And if you had yourself a 5yo sized NASA flight suit you would probably even wear it to greet him.

And when that astronaut saw you approach and, reading the patch on your flight suit, greeted you by saying "Hello Commander"  you might blush just a bit and be slightly timid in your approach.  But, as you got into position for your picture with a real astronaut, your smile would give away just how excited you really were.

Lukas and Commander Greg Johnson - Astronaut

You can't tell me that wouldn't be cool.


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That must have just been awesome for both of you. I know as a dad it's such a wonderful feeling to see happiness and joy through your kids eyes. Great moment.