Monday, November 11, 2013

The Stares Bother Me the Most

Oh, sorry about that.  You can't spell check a title.

I meant the 'Stairs'.  What bothers me most as a parent right now are the Stairs!

Annabelle is bound and determined to climb these suckers.  Over and over again!

It was funny.  On the first day this happened another Dad Blogger from our Facebook group asked the question of how to prevent his 15 month old from climbing them in his house.  One response suggested he "Butter the stairs".  

I had to laugh.  

We do have a gate at the top which has been there since Lukas was born, and which works wonderfully to keep the kids from falling down them.  But we have nothing at the bottom to prevent a determined baby from climbing them.  The layout there is not conducive to a gate.  And believe me, Annabelle is determined.

I am pretty sure Mrs. LIAYF and my solution will be the same as it was with Lukas, which is to just keep a set of eyes on her at all times.  And to follow her up them until she is well skilled in art of the climb.

Plus, a few extra stair climbing reps certainly wouldn't hurt for another member of the family right now either. He is partial to coffee, bacon, and the occasional frosty beverage.

I bet you can guess who that is.


Diplo_Daddy said...

I know the feeling. Most of the homes we've lived In had stairs. And kids are drawn to them like bees to honey. I do like your idea of keeping an eye (or two) on her. That's exactly what we did with our son. He survived.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I am glad my kids are well past that stage in their lives as I totally agree. It was a very scary stage. I remember having two sets of gates on the stairs to the second floor of our house. One so they could not climb up and one so they could not fall down. The key was making sure they were both closed tight all of the time.

Whit said...

I just spent a very long time trying to find the old SNL sketch where Martin Short never learned to climb stairs. I couldn't find it, but trust me, it's funny.

neal call said...

I can't say how much of a weight has been removed from my shoulders now that Addison is old enough to manage stairs without one of us hovering over her.

Now, stairs are pretty much just as much a hazard for me as they are for her, and I can resume worrying about my own mortality on those insidiously simple but dangerous transitions between one plane and another.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Dipplo Daddy - Bees to honey for sure. Nearly every time we set her down she is making for those stairs. And she is fast too!

@theguycornernyc - I am beginning to wonder if I will have to put something at the bottom (see above comment) And yes, they need to be tightly shut. She is also rattling the gate at the top quite a bit.

@Whit - I need to find that. Sounds hilarious. Martin Short was great on SNL.

@Neal - Yeah, the older I get the more precarious things like stairs are for me too. Plus, it is farther down than it used to be. And I'm not taller.