Friday, January 24, 2014

This Old Dad, He Blogged Six

I guess you know you've officially been blogging a long time when your blog anniversary (Blogiversary) passes without your even realizing it.

It's kind of like marriage in that way...only you don't get in trouble for forgetting about your blog.  Thankfully though, Mrs. LIAYF is an amazing wife and I would never forget our wedding anniversary.  Just don't ask me how many years it's been.  Unlike Lukas, my math skills are suspect.

If you have by now figured out that last week was the 6th Blogiversary of 'Luke I am Your Father', and that I completely forgot about it until earlier today you are absolutely correct.

Give yourself a cookie.

If I am not mistaken six years qualifies me for senior status as a dad blogger.  Given that, no one should be surprised about the forgetting thing.  Sometimes I also forget to post here for several days on end too.  I am actually thinking of getting one of those sectioned plastic containers with letters corresponding to the days of the week.  I would leave a note every couple of days reminding me to post something compelling.

All kidding aside, things are going okay here .  I have certainly had my ups and downs as far as content, sometimes posting several entries one month, then just a few the next.  That's actually not about getting old, but about how hectic life has become during any stretch of time.  Thanks for sticking with me.

I actually don't worry about irregular posting because, unlike many of today's blogs, I am not beholden to any bottom line or promise of a revenue stream.  The astute among you will have noticed the lack of advertising.  I write here for fun, if you can believe that. That and the occasional free stuff companies want to send me.  (I will be taking a flying lesson soon thanks to one such company, so look out for the highlights...that is, assuming I survive).

I have been writing here for the past six years, and thankfully it hasn't gotten old yet.  It's especially cool now to look back on posts I wrote about Lukas when he was Annabelle's age and compare our experiences with the two. That's parenting gold right there.

So, since the blog as a platform hasn't become irrelevant and replaced by something shinier and new just yet, I will continue to diligently tell all who will listen how wonderful my wife and kids are, and how amazing it is to be a father.

Thanks for reading all, your support means a lot to me.

Especially those of you who have been here for previous Blogiversaries.


So This is Fatherhood said...

Congrats on six years! And thanks for continuing to post - even as a new dad blogger, I love reading your stuff!
- Matt

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks Matt. Likewise. I look forward to both of us still being around 6 years from now.

Post Post Modern Dad said...

Happy blog-iversary (or whatever it is).

triles said...

Way to go man. Always fun to stop and see what's going on with you and the family.

Beau said...

Congrats for sticking with it! Good writing will always have a place on the Internetz no matter what the shiny new platform is!

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on 6, and I am sure your family will offer an unending source of great material for blogging.

J-Tony said...

Congrats on the 6 years. I think I started following you a little before your 5th. Way stick with it.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@PPMD - Thanks Daniel.

@Tim - Thanks for checking in.

@Beau - That a nice compliment. Appreciated.