Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lumpy Blanket

Lump1 and Lump2

I have no idea what initially triggered it, but I ended up spending much of our post dinner wind down time this evening engaged in a game of Lumpy Blanket with the kids. I played this game with both kids, but in truth it was mostly with Lukas.  

We've played on many occasions over the years.

You've never played Lumpy Blanket before, you say?  Well, the game is played something like this.  Player one (that would be me) is walking from one room to the next in the house - let's say from the kitchen to the living room, because that was where this game actually started - and right there in the middle of the floor sits a large blanket.  

It's just sitting there in a lump.

I'm sure there are other versions of this game, but tonight as I approach this blanket, it's a bit squirmy.  I take the bait and the game commences.  "What is this blanket doing in the middle of the floor!"  in mock exasperation I ask to no one and everyone all at once.  "Can't you people (referring to my loving family) pick up after yourselves?"  

It's at this point that I animatedly pick up the blanket to toss it on the couch, and it's heavy.  I mean like a 60lb sack of potatoes heavy.  But I throw it onto the couch gently nonetheless, and go about my business.  But somehow this lumpy, heavy blanket ends up back on the floor again.  Then it happens again, and another time.  But I keep playing.  

Once as I was tossing the lumpy blanket onto the couch it actually let out a muted fart, then giggled.  "Did you order the Amazing Farting Blanket from that infomercial we watched recently?" I asked Mrs. LIAYF.  "Cause if you did, it really works."  She denied this.

This elicited a laugh from the blanket.

I'm not sure why I kept playing this game.  Especially when I had to haul this very heavy blanket up the stairs to Lukas' bedroom not once, or even twice, but on three separate occasions tonight. Only to find it back downstairs in the middle of the floor again.

I have to admit that I felt this afterwards.

Why play for so long? I guess it's because, despite this seriously exhausting me after a long day at the office, I wondered to myself all the time just how much longer I would get a chance to carry a blanket such as this one around the house, up and down the stairs.  

This amazing, woolen, lumpy, heavy, giggling, farting blanket - The only game piece associated with this fun for the whole family, but seriously under-marketed game -  just keeps growing bigger and bigger.  The game is getting more difficult as time passes.  

And I fear that much much too soon I won't be able to play this version of Lumpy Blanket any longer.  

That will be sad.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

As much of a pain as they are in the moment at times, those games are what we will look back on and smile.

Hey Monkey Butt said...

Gosh, my boy is 2 (3 in may) and there are days I can't even seem to carry him around anymore. It makes me weepy sometimes. You're right to enjoy the fun, even if it kills your back today. One day they're too big or just don't care to have fun anymore [my daughter is 12]. Or fun is being with their friends at the mall or something boring like that! ;)

James (SeattleDad) said...

@PPMD - I am already.

@Hey - Those days will come way too soon, unfortunately. Thanks for stopping by.