Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday: Hot Edition

It is flippin HOT in Seattle today, and is supposed to top 100 Fahrenheit tomorrow. Worse yet, no one here has AC, including us, so it makes attempting to sleep dreadful. I can hear some of you now, talking about what wimps we are in the Northwest because you deal with hotter weather all Summer long. Well, to all those people, all I can say is....good point. But, it will cool down here in a couple of days.

Mrs. LIAYF found a cool Flickr spelling tool the other day. So, I played around with it and showed her this:

letter s letter E A t letter T L é
D letter A D

Her response : "You know that spells Seattle-ay, don't you?"

Whenever we see a squirrel at the park these days, I yell "Squirrel for dinner!" and Lukas takes out after it. Not sure what I would do if he actually caught one. Maybe grilled, with some veggies on the side?

Speaking of the park, as we were the last family leaving a local playground the other day, Mrs. LIAYF looked down to find this bobble head toy abandoned in the sand:

I like to think Lukas was meant to find him. So, rather than directing him to Dagobah, we adopted him.

New Alice in Chains trailer! I can't wait for the Album to be released in September.

And finally, Lukas has been demonstrating his dictatorial skills of late. We are hearing a lot of "Daddy do this", "Daddy sit here", "Daddy, I want that! " We keep working on "Please", which to our sons credit he does use quite frequently. Even without prompting at times. Those are the occasions which are sweet indeed.


Whit said...

Hot being the understatement of your post.

Unknown said...

I know you guys are getting some unseasonably warm weather...I just cant for fall...cuz Oklahoma summers really suck!

enjoyed your RTT

McMommy said...

Mrs. LIAYF cracks me up. Love her. I want to come hang out with you guys the next time I'm in Seattle. But you better not serve squirrels for dinner. I don't do squirrel.

SciFi Dad said...

For the squirrel question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RlK0Xd4c2c.

The Alice In Chains trailer looks awesome.

Ron said...

Okay, yes - I was about to call you a wimp until I read the part about the AC being out.

...and holy cow! Alice and Chains is coming out with a new album? No Joke? That's awesome.

Squirrel - it tastes like chicken. I used to hunt them as a kid and mom would cook 'em up for me - yes, I'm a yokel.

Anonymous said...

The heat different if that isn't what you are used to. 100 with no AC can be tough...working out in this stuff has to be tough for the locals...OUCH!

PJ Mullen said...

That bobblehead rocks! Quite the find

Lady Mama said...

Mmm squirrel casserole. Be sure to post the recipe if you do it.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Whit - I tried to play it down.

@Georgie - I went there once. Thanks for stopping by.

@McMommy - If we tell you its Chicken, take our word for it.

@Scifi - Yum. If I have leftovers from the grill, I will make them into melts.

@CK - Tastes like chicken huh? There are plenty of the buggers around here. Time for a par-tay. What beer goes best with squirrel?

@MTAE - Working out in the cool weather is tough. In this weather? Lifting ice cold 12 ounce weights is preferred.

@PJ - Thanks. It was meant to find its way to us.

@Lady Mama - See Scifi Dads comment. It actually made me feel a bit queasy.

Knatolee said...

No, you're not wimps. It's all relative. When it's 100F and you have no A/C, it's insufferable. When you have an inch of snow and no snowploughs, same deal! We have definitely got each other's summers, because we're currently having the coolest, rainiest July in a decade.

As for squirrels, when I lived in Nova Scotia, my immediate neighbours were from Newfoundland. One of them had a cookbook absolutely filled with squirrel recipes, including, God help me, squirrel cake.

WILLIAM said...

BBQ Squirrell Ribs are delish. Tiny but delish.

DCUrbanDad said...

Are you sponsored by McDonald's now?

Stacy Uncorked said...

I keep telling my family in Seattle that we traded weather since I moved to PA... 100 degrees with no A/C would be unbearable.

Very cool bobble-head!

Happy RTT a day late! :)

Eric said...

The Force is strong with that bobble head :)

Keely said...

I want a bobble-head like that! But Leia. With a light sabre. Because SHE WAS ROBBED, I tell you, ROBBED.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Knatolee - Mmmmm, Squirrel cake for my next birthday. Which is coming up soon. I will have to get Lukas to catch one pronto.

@William - With baby corn on the cob? Yum.

@DC - Squirrel on the McMenu lately?

@Eric - He keeps whining that he wants to go, but we won't let him. Getting on my nerves.

@Keeley - Word! No respect for the Princess. None.