Friday, July 31, 2009


No single word defines it. At least I couldn't find one with a quick google search, or a search of

I did find 'Homecation': With the high cost of travel, people are opting to stay at home. In many cases, they are transforming their homes into a resort, which entertains their local family and friends in the comfort and security of their "personal resort".

Last year around this time, I posted about our Staycation. It was a great time to vacation in our own beautiful city, which has so many terrific things to offer. We had an absolute blast. But this doesn't define our upcoming time away from work either.

Next Friday afternoon begins for Mrs. LIAYF and I once again, a couple of weeks away from work in our fair city. However, there is one big difference this year compared to last. These two weeks can't be described as a staycation, though we will attempt to infuse a few fun activities into the time.

Rather, because of a tight budget and our past experiences as Weekend Warriors, we are using the time to take on certain aspects of our basement remodel ourselves. Most notably we are installing the sub flooring and flooring, as well as purchasing and putting together cabinets. We will also be working on the fencing around our house, which is in such sad repair that if some climbing roses were trimmed away from it, it would be in danger of imminent collapse.

Lukas will be in his comfortable, air-conditioned daycare during this time, giving Mrs. LIAYF and I ample time to gripe at each other after too much work and not enough sleep or food bond as a married couple and get these projects completed.

It's not a homecation either. Resort like, this will not be.

It's more of a Housecation. A vacation to work on your house. That word doesn't exist in the Urban Dictionary but perhaps it should. We can't be the only people using their valuable vacation time to do major house improvements. Therefore, I signed up to be an editor for Urban Dictionary and submitted housecation as an entry. I'll let you know when and if it gets added.

How about you, readers? What words have you made up that should be included in a reference guide such as the Urban Dictionary?

P.S. That was quick. I have already received word that housecation has been approved and is now published on Urban Dictionary.


SciFi Dad said...

Not mine, but sensuous... as in, "sensuous up, would ya get me a beer?"

Momo Fali said...

Oh, I make up all kinds of words. Mostly when I'm angry.

When you finish, why don't you come over here and homecation at my house! My wood floors need refinished.

Captain Dumbass said...

Can't think of any at the moment, but because of the heat wave I dragged the kiddie pool into the gazebo. It's kinda like a spa now.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Scifi - I like it.

@Momo - That is housecation, not homecation. And, no thanks I have enough to do on my own.

@Captain - As I mentioned. Spazebo?

PJ Mullen said...

I'm trying to coin the term 'blogpire'...has a catchy ring to it, I think.

Lady Mama said...

I'm not sure your word should contain "cation" - cus it doesn't sound very restful! And I know from experience doing our own basement renovation just last year. Yeah, definitely not a relaxing experience.

As for my word? "Sleepcation"? I could use one of those about now.

Mrs. M said...

Blogcation is in my dictionary recently..... but just a short one.

Dad Stuff said...

You housecation sounds fun. I like to have days like that to get stuff done. As long as you have some music playing and a Dr. Pepper handy, it's not too bad.
Sorry, no new words of wisdom.

DCUrbanDad said...

Can you come over to my house and do some work too?

Krystal said...

Yeah, that would be my housecation while my husband looks on and wonders how it is that I learned to use a hammer and what I would be making for dinner....good luck!!

Knatolee said...

Our housecations/staycations usually end up with hubby slaving away at neglected chores. Which sucks. Which is why I want a REAL vacation next year. For now we'll have to settle for a day trip to upstate NY. I hope your housecation is productive and maritally harmonious.

Run DMT said...

Visiting here from MTAE and love waht I am reading! Great stuff! Congrats on you entry on Urban Dictionary. I use that sight all the time.

I coined the expression Mama Karma, but I never thought to submit it to Urban Dictionary. Thanks for the tip!

I wrote about its meaning here.