Sunday, April 27, 2008

12 years & 10 Months!

Lukas is 10 Months old today. Unbelievable! How did the past 10 months go by so fast? So much has happened since his birth, it seems amazing that we are all still standing. That would include Lukas, by the way, who continues to practice standing in all sorts of situations and appears to be readying himself for his first small steps and giant leaps all at once!

Mrs. LIAYF and I experienced our own giant leap last night as well which came in the form of our very first night out alone together since Lukas was born! Yes, this can be considered our first date post Luke, that is if we don't consider our lunch-time foray last week to the Taco Bus for authentic Mexican fare an actual date (if you haven't tried one of these out, you need to get on the bus, Gus. No need to discuss much). Anyway, our evening was terrific. We went out to dinner at Blackbird here in West Seattle and then to a movie. It was nice to feel another touch of our old version of normalcy return. Lukas didn't even make a peep for Fiona, our neighbor and friend, who graciously 'watched' Luke.

Date night also had a historical tie-in, as it came on the 12th anniversary of our very first date. As far as dates go, this one didn't last nearly as long, but the food was much better. Mrs. LIAYF recommended a vegan restaurant the first time around, and in a testament to how much I liked her immediately, that didn't deter me from seeing her again, and again, until we were blissfully united.
It was only about 3 hours, and we weren't worried at all about Luke. In fact, it seemed to go by very quickly. Maybe soon we can plan a longer outing together. That would be nice, but also a bit more difficult to arrange. Normal, is not what it used to be!


Jason Roth said...

Happy anniversary of your first date. It's good that you were able to get out for the evening. Our son is two now and those date nights are still very rare for us.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Thanks! We have accepted that they will be fewer and farhter between, so it is great that Luke has been so entertaining. Who would have thought watching a baby eat could be so riveting??