Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Reason We Install Gates!

Now that Lukas is standing tall and moving ever closer to taking his first independent steps, still a mind boggling concept to us, Mrs. LIAYF and I have been busy safety proofing the house in all sorts of little ways. We have covered the exposed outlets, put extremely annoying ziplatches on our cabinets, hidden or removed varying power cords, and cleaned the floors and low shelves of anything that would resemble a choking hazard. Most importantly, we put up our first baby gates to prevent any Jack and Jill like exercises down our flights of stairs.

Surely this is just the beginning, and we know that as Luke advances and grows into a little boy who is curious about everything, we will have to equally advance our own thinking in regards to what around the house is safe and what needs improvement on the safety scale. For now though, we feel like we have made an appropriate first pass, since he is not yet zooming away from us to places where we can't keep a watchful eye on how he is doing. We do know, however, that those days are rapidly approaching and we are both excited for him and a bit sad that his helpless baby days, when he needed mom and dad for so much more, are fading away.

It is all wonderful though! This is so much fun!


Whit said...

We don't have stairs, so we didn't have to deal with that, and we did all the other stuff you said, however, the one thing we didn't move is the wine rack which is full of bottles and glasses right at their level. Somehow neither of them seemed to notice it. Go figure.

James (SeattleDad) said...

That's a good sign Whit! Bodes well for later. We keep the wine in a cupboard in our basement stairwell, so we won't be testing that theory anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by.