Thursday, April 3, 2008

To the Bus Stop Wee Ride

Mrs. LIAYF calls this the most beautiful bus stop in the world. It's just a 1/2 mile from our home right on the Puget Sound (Seattle's bay) on Beach Drive in West Seattle. Most summer weekends we will bicycle down the hill from our house to Beach Drive, admire the view at the stop, then bike along the waterfront several miles to Alki Beach - which is right across the waterfront from downtown Seattle and has a great view. We cheat a bit on the way back - and throw our bikes on a city bus for the long ride back up the hill (we lucky Seattleites have bike racks on the buses!).

We didn't go at all last summer - with the pregancy and tiny little Lukas born in June. But, we look forward to making this bike trip often this summer. Lukas will be turning one and some good friends of ours got us a Wee Ride bike seat and a Baby Bell bike helmet as a baby shower gift. Lukas loves the helmet, and it almost fits!! And, the Wee Ride is pretty cool - it sits in front of the adult rider, right behind the handle bars. It just feels safer and the kid has a much better view than if they were on back.

It was an incredibly thoughtful gift (Thank you, Brandi and Rob!). Since we couldn't use either until Lukas turns one year old, our summer bike rides have been something to look forward to. We are sure Lukas will love it. He already loves swinging very fast, spinning around and around, and zooming through the air with mom and dad. It's also a great way to introduce him to how nice the world is when you are passing by on a bike (as opposed to zooming by in a car). It looks to be a very beautiful summer!


Whit said...

I love Alki beach.

When we lived in Bellevue I would walk through the Mercer Slough to get to the bus stop. Moss covered paths over wooden bridges and streams. It was like walking through a storybook every day.

KristyCK said...

I agree with Mrs. LIAYF. What an awesome picture, breathtaking! Wow, that's a nice wee ride. Luke would definitely enjoy the riding in the summer. BTW, Luke look really charming in his helmet. :-)