Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Helping You 'Get' Twitter

I must admit it. I've been a bit addicted to Twitter recently.

And, no, it has not gone unnoticed to certain members of my immediate family that I am a bit, well...distracted these days checking my TweetDeck application every few moments that I'm home. Before you read into that last statement 'inattentive husband and father' I'll let you know that I do spend generous time with my wife and son while at home, reading books, conversing, doing housework, playing games with Lukas. You get the picture.

I just happen to read my son a story..then check Twitter, make dinner..then check Twitter, give Mrs. LIAYF a foot rub..then check Twitter.

I know that there is an anti-Twitter element out there, and also those who just don't understand what all the fuss is about. I hear "Who wants to know when someone just went to the bathroom?" as common statement as to the triviality of the micro-blogging application. However, I don't think those people actually 'Get' the concept of Twitter. Well, I want to let those people know that there is so much more to this phenomena than they may realize. It is not all about mundane nonsense.

For example, there are also:

1. Lame attempts at humor:

Picked up graphic novel version of Bradbury classic 'Fahrenheit 451' this afternoon. Passed on European knockoff 'Celsius 232.7777'.

Yesterday: First day I walked out of the office and it was still light out. Everyone in Seattle can take a step back from the ledge.

On way to lunch passed 2 guys w/clipbrds on sidewalk "You look like an animal lover" one said. "Sure am. I'm going to eat some right now."

2. Remarks on the weather:

Dreary. I think a couple of poodles and a tabby just smacked down onto office roof. #raininginSeattle

Morning. If you could bottle this weather, well...you would have a bottle full of pure Seattle rain water.

So, apparently the weather for the last day of year will epitomize my life as a new father: Occasional chance of shower.

3. Incessant blathering about one's addictions:

I told the Great and Powerful Oz that I wanted 'Energy to get through the work day'. "Easy" he said, and tossed me a Starbucks card.

The Mermaid just spoke to me.

Good Morning. It's time for the most important meal of the day. Just as soon as it finishes brewing.

Just taught him the first and most important step in making waffles. 1. Make coffee for daddy.

4. Repeating cute things your kids say:

2yo "I don't want any broccoli daddy, it makes me sad" Note to self: Find happier veggies.

2yo digging in sandbox at playground "I REACHED CHINA, DADDY!"

Me: Put on your socks, buddy. 2yo (putting them behind him): They aren't socks, they're wings! (flies off)

Me: Put on your pants, you'll get cold flying. 2yo: Birds don't need pants, daddy.

So, there you have it readers. Proof from @SeattleDad that Twitter is not all about trivial nonsense that amounts to nothing more than a waste of ones precious family time. Once in a while someone even responds to one of these important observations.

It only feeds the addiction.


Captain Dumbass said...

"Sure am. I'm going to eat some right now." That was gold. GOLD.

SciFi Dad said...

So twitter is the mistress that you have been seeing instead of commenting on blogs?

And to make matters worse, you're not commenting so you can make lame jokes about broccoli?

Idaho Dad said...

It took me awhile, but I finally did "get" Twitter a few months ago.

And then I quickly realized that it only really works if you check it regularly and OFTEN. Reading Twitter messages just once in awhile isn't much fun. Too hard to follow the conversations.

OM said...

I was a hater for a long time. If I wanted to know what you ate for lunch I would have called and asked you!!!

But I'm a convert.

You should tell your boy, though, that he won't end up in China, but somewhere in the Indian Ocean. It's better that you tell him than him finding himself in the middle of the ocean, realizing the adult world has lied to him!

Anonymous said...

My question is have you found happier veggies yet, I really could use that information!

Mrs. M said...

Your updates totally rock. I think I should ditch just about everyone else and just follow you. Then maybe I'd spend more time on Twitter. I usually look at it and completely blank out on anything to say!!

ericdbolton said...

I work on my stand up routine. So far i get booed.

Lady Mama said...

You're officially a Twitter addict. And now those non-Twitter folks who think it's all pointless updates know exactly what they're missing out on!

Steve said...

I'm only convinced on the final category. In fact, I only got my twitter account to record cute things the kids say or do. (But seeing as my SMS messages don't seem to reach it I don't even do that.)

Of course, the fact I use Facebook is irrelevant... (ahem!)

Ed said...

I am a recreational user of the twit. I find that my blog posts essentially have only 160 characters of worthwhile content and I hate to waste it on a tweet.

Slamdunk said...

Ha, those kiddo quotes are priceless.

Otter Thomas said...

I use twitter to get all my sports updates. It is pretty useful for that too.

Whit said...

I can quit Twitter anytime.

A Free Man said...

Nope, still firmly in the anti-Twitter camp. And anti-Facebook, while we're at it.

OneZenMom said...

If I get too far away from my iphone twitter app, my right eye starts to twitch. Do you think I have a problem?

Anonymous said...

Can't get into Twitter... although I wish I could...

Playstead said...

A lot of people don't get Twitter, but it is by far the most useful tool I use. I get a ton of information that I wouldn't generally get about all my interests, funny as hell posts, great for marketing, and it's at its best when fighting the power like it did against the Iranian government. It can create a movement.