Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Gifted Dad

With a genuinely puzzled look on my face, I looked back at the mother in line behind me and asked "Do you have any idea why this isn't working?"

It was early in the morning and I was dropping Lukas off at the before school program he goes to a couple of days a week.  Granted, I am rarely doing drop-off at this particular location.  That would be Mrs. LIAYF's job, while I am dropping off Annabelle at her daycare several miles away.

But this particular morning I had both of them.  And I was in a hurry after learning last minute that I was needed to do his drop-off as well.

So as I entered the building with my baby girl in one arm, and the mother I mentioned above - acting like she was also in a hurry - queued up behind me, I approached the check in screen and pressed the button to get the process started.

Nothing happened.

I then pressed the button again with the same result.  Then again, and again.  "What the....?" I thought to myself.

It was at that point I turned to the mother behind me, as described above, and asked what I was doing wrong.  I was obviously stumped.

"You might want to try using the mouse" was her reply.


For the Gifted Dad!

Yeah, like an idiot I had been pressing the button on the computer monitor over and over expecting it to respond like our Kindle Fire tablet.

"I guess we live in a touch screen age!" I sheepishly replied, feeling pretty foolish.

Thankfully, as I mentioned, I don't drop Lukas off at that location very often.

I'm sure she won't remember me.


Post Post Modern Dad said...

Great... Helping the image of dad bloggers by overcoming the "buffoon" label. Thanks.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Well that label seemed to fit me...on that particular morning. In general I am only slightly buffonish.

Jack said...

That Far Side Cartoon is perfect.

Cold Laser Dr Robert Hanson said...

Agree it is fit for this blog awesome Dad I think your family is very pruod of you.

Unknown said...

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Best Wholesale Lumber website said...

Great story. Its quite funny on how he mistakenly thought of it as a tablet too.

Atlanta Carpet Restoration said...

It happened to me once but not on a desktop. I thought too that her laptop is a touch screen. lol! Too embarrassing on my part!