Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Running in Place Edition

Ever since we started our basement remodel a year and a half ago, our treadmill has been moved around down there, covered in dust or shoved into a closet. I can't tell you how psychologically difficult it has been to jump back onto it amidst the hectic demands of my life as a full time working parent.  But yesterday, I did just that.

Baby steps.  Wish me luck.

We have a 100 year old house. Not surprisingly some of the doors slightly stick, including the one into Lukas' room.  To date this has actually served us well, discouraging him from leaving his room when he has been less than enthusiastic about going straight to sleep.  But last night he wasn't about to let that deter him. 

When we heard the gate at the top of the stairs squeak open, I headed up to tell him he needed to go back to bed.  "I don't want tooooo!" was his response before disappearing.  It was dark so my eyes were having trouble adjusting.  All I saw was a streak of white from his stuffed panda whiz by followed closely by a slight breeze.  I followed it only to have the streak of white instantly flash by me in the other direction. It was reminiscent of any number of creepy horror films. By the third pass, my eyes adjusted and I was able to catch up to him.  We had a man to man about why he needed to go to bed, before sharing a couple bowls of cereal.  Then he went to sleep.
A lot of dads out in the Blogosphere are participating in Movember.  They are growing Mustaches during the month to raise money to fight prostate cancer.  Although I didn't get in on this movement from the outset, I did just donate to fellas over at Dad Centric who are participating as a team.  It is for a great cause, and also tax deductible so if you can spare a few bucks, please consider making a donation. 

In another development, I didn't shave 1/2 of my face this morning.  Meaning, a goatee may be in my near future.

Random Seattle Band on the Rise:  The Head and The Heart

One of Lukas' best Friends will move to another state this week.  We will miss the whole family as they have been very good friends to us.  It will be interesting to see how he adjusts as I think it is finally sinking in that his buddy will not be around to visit.  We (Mrs. LIAYF) bought a book of postcards, and pre-addressed half of them with our address.  Hopefully, the exchange of mail will ease the loss.

And finally, with the advent of return of Daylight Savings Time, it is once again getting fairly dark in Seattle by the time I leave work. Add to that the cold temperatures, lack of natural light in my office, and ever present grey clouds and rain that are already setting in over my city, and I suspect that along with exercise (see above) I will need to healthy doses of laughter, smiles, and play time with my family to keep a positive outlook during the next few months.

On the bright side, Spring is only 131 days away.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Yeah, I was shocked at how dark it was already by 5 yesterday. Between that and this rain, me no likey. :(

Barb said...

When my first kid was little (he's 14 now, gasp), we had lots and lots of "talks" about going to bed. We had to spray the room with monster spray. We had to get a drink. We had to visit the bathroom just one more time. We had to discuss "why mommy and daddy are allowed to stay up late." So. I hope your little one isn't as stubborn as mine! Happy Tuesday.

Didactic Pirate said...

Well randomed, sir!
This post made me think back to the first time Mini-Pirate and I both realized that the power of my will alone wasn't enough to keep her in her room after bedtime. That was big relevation for her... and the beginning of my downfall.

P.S. On behalf of the DadCentricians, thanks for donating. I fully support your goatee, and expect regular updates regarding its progress.

Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

Duct tape. No joke. My 3-year-old twins have one of those kid-proof doorknob covers on the inside of their door. Of course, they can take that right off. So, we duct taped the sucker on. Works like magic chrome.

I've been meaning to get over to your blog---I've seen it on the Beta Dad (maybe DiPi, too?) blog roll. So, here I go, off to poke around.

Happy RTT

Nicole (Ninja Mom)

Lady Mama said...

We've been having bed time struggles here too, thankfully now I think it's all sorted. This time of year sucks, basically. The cold dark nights... Blah.

Captain Dumbass said...

Could you keep all your crappy rain down there? I got soaked taking the kids to school today.

Anonymous said...

131 days, that's a drop in the bucket.

BloggerFather said...

I'm also almost ready to go back to the treadmill. I lost it after I managed to run 5 miles (the motivation, not the treadmill), and then we had to move some furniture around and do some painting after last winter's ice damage and floods, and the result is that it's been folded for nearly a year, looking like an attacking t-rex, and equally as frightening. But I'm ready. Next week.

Good luck.

Homemaker Man said...

I'm jumping back on the exercise bike this week (I swear). Count me as your brother in pulled hamstrings.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Storm - Yeah, we need to steel ourselves for the long haul.

@Barb - He is proving to be very 'stubborn'. Love hearing what he comes up with though. Very creative for a 3yo.

@Didactic - True, all we can really do, short of paddlocking them in is to hope it sinks in. Glad to be sponsoring you guys.

@Nicole - The sticky door acts as our duct tape. But he is starting to get through that too so who knows what is next.

Thanks for stopping by.

@Lady Mama - Hopefully your sleep problems will be at bay for a while. Stages, it always goes in stages.

@Captain - I thought it was Canadian rain dumping on us on its way up there.

@DC - Lots of drops in the bucket up here. Lots of drops.

@BloggerFather - It's time. We need to make this work. At least I do. Good luck to you too.

@HomeMaker Man - Yeah, I will be keeping a lot of ice nearby. And coffee. Oh, and water.

And pictures of me when I was young too.

Ordinary Dad said...

I like the fact that you are like me. You have a renovation that has been going on for a year and a half. That and we also share in common sporadic bouts with exercise. Do you plan on getting on that treadmill again? Don't overdo it! Very Random, but very good.

SciFi Dad said...

This is the first time I've read someone from a city that gets little or no snow with the gall to complain about winter. To a Canadian.

Papa K said...

I still haven't shaved off my playoff beard. Can I just add to that to contribute to Movember?

Jack Steiner said...

A goatee and a treadmill- they make good companions. I have one but not the other, must rectify that.

Keely said...

Today hubby wondered how he managed to sleep in until 10:30. I said, "Because it didn't get LIGHT out until then."

Only a slight exaggeration. Stupid winter.